Ludotecnia is a live audiovisual presentation based, fundamentally, on the use of modified toys. Electromechanical elements, lamps and other devices are sequenced and controlled, being at the same time part of the musical construction and the visual setting. Small cameras capture the actions on the table, allowing the public to participate in what is happening on the "stage". With toys as a bridge, Ludotecnia is presented to audiences of all ages, without compromising or softening its audiovisual proposal. Ludotecnia is a humble tribute to the VHS generation and the Saturday afternoon television movies, full of stop-moth creatures, mad scientists, superpowers and alien invasions.

Ludotecnia has been presented, to date, in more than 25 cities throughout 7 Latin American countries, in festivals and events such as:

  • Festival Digitalia (San Salvador de Bahía - Brasil 2019)

  • MUTEK (Buenos Aires - 2018)

  • Festival Multiverso (Rio de Janeiro - Brasil - 2018)

  • Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín (Medellín - Colombia - 2017)

  • Planetario de Bogotá (Bogotá - Colombia - 2017)

  • Red Bull Station (São Paulo - Brasil -2016)

  • Sónar BA 2016 (Buenos Aires, Argentina 2016)

  • Festival VIDEOSÓNICA (Cali, Colombia -2015)

  • Festival Escuchar - MAMBA (Buenos Aires, Argentina - 2015/16)

  • FACTO - Festival de artefactos sonoros (México DF - México - 2014)

  • Gambiólogos 2.0 (Belo Horizonte, Brasil - 2014)

  • Festival Internacional de la Imagen (Manizales, Colombia - 2014)

Ludotecnia LIVE in Poéticas Digitales (2018)

direct sound and video signal captures

In 2018, Ludotecnia is published as an album in all the digital platforms (links below) and also in physical format as an autonomous sound circuit (based on one of the characters in the set), with a QR code printed on the circuit, for listening and download (includes a Remixes Album Bonus). People can have their own copy through direct sales or assembly workshops.